Program Details

Team Building

Online Application
1st Stage Team Building
Boot Camp

Business Plan

Garage Party
Business Plan Evaluation
Elevator Pitch


2nd Stage Team Building
Case Study Research
Entrepreneurial Workshop
Oral Assessment

Overseas Visit

Intensive Training
Overseas Visit
Wrap-Up Presentation

Team Building 

        Applying as an individual, every participant must fill out his/her application form on line and send the recommendation letter in surface mail.  After passing the evaluation, participants is required to team up with a specified number of participants by March 8; those failing to do so will be automatically disqualified.(For the more detailed regulations, please refer to the YEF Brochure)

        Those who have succeeded in teaming up will receive their tasks and  have to give a conclusive and analytical presentation at Garage Party.

Business Plan Competition

        During the Business Plan stage, each team will be have an entrepreneur or business professional as their a mentor, assisting the team with the business plan.  The mentors are also working together at the Boot Camp where they, based on their years of experience, give the teams practical knowledge and exclusive tips on the business models, business plans and many other challenges encountered when starting up a company or working in a professional field.

        Each team must submit the business statement and business before the given deadline of the Business Statement Evaluation and Business Plan Evaluations.  Those who have passed the evaluations will be offered a chance to give a presentation of 8.5 minutes at the Elevator Pitch Competition on July 1.  And throughout the entire Elevator Pitch Competition, the judges, mostly consisting of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, will evaluate the business plans and give feedbacks

        For the teams that have passed the Elevator Pitch Competition, each one of the team members is qualified for the Workshops stage.  For the teams not passing the Elevator Pitch Competition, a certain number of team member will be selected, based on peer evaluation and mentor recommendation, to take part in the Workshops stage.

Entrepreneurial Workshops 

        During the Workshops stage, the component of a team will be rearranged by Epoch Foundation.  Each team will be assigned a specific topic, on which they need to conduct case study research.  And please be reminded that punctuality is especially valued in this stage. No tardiness or lateness is allowed.  Those having trouble with punctuality will be disqualified from the Oral Assessment and their certificates will be revoked.

        After the Entrepreneurial Workshops comes the Oral Assessment, which requires individual registration. The Oral Assessment is only open for those who completed both the Entrepreneurial Workshops and registration process.  The Oral Assessment will be conducted in the form of group interviews and there will be the buzzer round.  All the questions must be answered in English only. The judges will score each participant based on the level of English proficiency and content.  Only those who have passed the Oral Assessment will be likely to be on the finalist list.

Overseas Visit

        According the comprehensive evaluation, 17 finalists will be selected to join the Overseas Visit.  Finalists do not need cover the expenses of accommodation and transportation during the visit but full participation of the Intensive Training for Finalists, Overseas Visit, and Wrap-up Presentation is strongly required.  At the very end of the YEF Program, we hope that the YEF participants can all be part of the visit and learn something valuable from the sharing of the finalist.