Our Story


Vision: Cultivate Future's Talents Today

        The Young Entrepreneurs of the Future (YEF) program envisions to cultivate a generation of entrepreneurs who are risk-takers and problem-solvers that contribute to their societies.


Our Story

        In 2003, Epoch Foundation founded Young Entrepreneurs of the Future (YEF) with the aim of cultivating future talents with an international perspective and entrepreneurial spirit of integrity. YEF is an interdisciplinary, international, and self-surpassing learning opportunity. Participants are encouraged to make connections across schools and academic fields to further develop their teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, executive skills, and international networking skills. To simulate the startup experience, our six- to ten-month program includes team building exercises, bootcamps, elevator pitches competitions, workshops, oversea visits, and final presentations. 

        YEF is a second-track educational program in Taiwan. As of 2017, institutions including National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Fu Jen Catholic University, and National Taipei University of Science and Technology, accept 2-3 university credits to transfer from YEF.

        The only startup education program in Taiwan to provide students with a global network, 17 YEF participants travel abroad to learn at various entrepreneurial hubs. Past visits have included Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, David Clark, inventor of the Internet, and Steven Chen, founder of Youtube. Participants have also visited schools including MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and University of Toronto; companies including Google, iRobot, E Ink, IDEO, Designit, Evernote, Red Sox; startup incubators like Plug & Play Center, MaRS, ideaSpace; think tanks including Catham House, East London Tech City; non-profits including Design that Matter, Kiva, and OLPC. The overseas visits allow participants to connect and share ideas with other entrepreneurs and students, and to enhance their international awareness. 

        Since 2003, YEF has provided 2,800 young talents the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to realize their dreams. Not only have participants won various awards both nationally and internationally, they have also graduated to become members of Proctor & Gamble, Citibank, Google, TSMC, ASUS, LIANFA and others, or students at MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Stanford, IMD, and more. Our alumni have also founded over 20 startups.